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The mission of the Central Ohio Counseling Association (COCA), a chapter of the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA), is to serve and support licensed professional counselors, counselor educators, supervisors, and graduate students in the Central Ohio region.  We aim to facilitate connections between counselors in our local communities through education, legislative advocacy, social justice promotion, outreach, and networking.  We value the diversity of our profession at all levels, and provide our members opportunities for professional identity enhancement and leadership development.  Our goal is to provide the necessary resources for counseling professionals to effectively carry out the responsibility of our work, enriching our professional lives, as well as the lives of those we serve. See our membership benefits page for more information.

Membership Directory

There is an exciting new feature on the COCA website! OCA members now have the ability to create a profile on the site to be included in the online member directory. This profile is similar to what you might see on sites like Psychology Today or Good Therapy, but there is no cost for OCA members. This profile can help prospective clients find you or your agency or practice. The directory can be used to connect with other OCA members. The directory can be used to reach out to members of the COCA Executive Committee if you have questions or want to join or get involved. A profile can be created by going to the “Directory” menu and choosing “Add or Edit my Member Profile”. Feel free to create a profile today. Those looking for a counselor can find one under the “Directory” menu.

Member Directory

Ohio Counseling Association

COCA is an OCA Chapter

COCA is a chapter of the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA). Joining COCA requires joining the OCA and working in one of the central Ohio and surrounding counties shown below. No additional dues are necessary, just an OCA membership. View the OCA website to learn more about the benefits. Joining COCA also allows additional benefits like discounts on local CE events, networking, a COCA member directory, and more. See our membership benefits page for more information.

COCA Counties

Please see the image to the right with counties supported by COCA. OCA membership and working in one of these counties allow you to become a COCA member, with no additional cost. See our membership benefits page for more information.

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